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Our Principals J. Salamanca and J. Brauer
J Salamanca Jennifer Salamanca [B.S.W. (social work), M.Sc. (psychology)] Fluent in English and Spanish, Jennifer has lived in the Americas and in Asia. She trained and worked as a social worker in Colombia and maintains relations there as a board member of a Bogota-based nonprofit organization, Fundacion para el Desarrollo Intercultural. In the United States, she earned a Master of Science degree in clinical psychology and also trained as a medical and court interpreter. A dynamic person and compelling speaker, presenter, and life and executive coach, her work is grounded in evidence-based approaches drawn from community, social, and positive psychology as well as from the neuro-behavioral sciences. She is an accomplished Spanish-English translator, interpreter, and she also trains interpreters. She has a track record with a variety of nonprofit, community, business, and public service organizations and agencies.
Prof. J. Brauer Jurgen Brauer [Ph.D. (economics)] Fluent in English and German, Jurgen is a distinguished business school professor, internationally recognized economist, and author of numerous books and scholarly and popular articles. He specializes in business strategy and economic aspects of defense, peace, and security affairs. A level-headed speaker with a knack for producing down-to-earth analogies and examples, he provides consulting and research to businesses, educational institutions, and agencies of national governments, intergovernmental organizations, and nonprofit organizations. Clients have included NATO (Brussels), the United Nations (New York), the Club of Madrid (Madrid), the Institute for Economics and Peace (Sydney), the Auschwitz Institute for Peace and Reconciliation (New York), the Small Arms Survey (Geneva), and various governments. He has held visiting professorships in Australia, Colombia, South Africa, Spain, and Thailand.

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