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Cross-cultural communications

We provide services as described below:
✓ Cross-cultural competence & compliance training and
✓ English/Spanish interpretation & translation

Cross-cultural competence & compliance training

The United States is a proudly multicultural society. Nearly 50 million Americans claim German heritage, for instance. Most everyone enjoys ethnically-themed restaurants, be they Brazilian, Ethiopian, Indian, French, or Thai. Businesses routinely advertise their services in Chinese, Korean, or in Spanish. Cross-cultural competence is a must-have requirement for businesses and increasingly is an issue of compliance with relevant state and federal law. For private businesses, community organizations, and public agencies, QuintServ Professional provides seminars and consulting on multicultural communication, cross-cultural competence, and compliance training, including culturally-aware workplace and community planning and design. Please contact us to discuss your actual or potential needs and how we may assist you.


For individuals, private organizations, and public agencies, QuintServ Professional provides trained English/Spanish interpreters in the fields of business, legal affairs, and physical and behavioral health. Note that under U.S. law, clients with limited English proficiency (LEP) are entitled to the services of an appropriately trained interpreter when dealing with public agencies or agencies receiving public funds. Trained interpreters follow professional interpreter standards and adhere to a code of ethics. One reason you will want to employ a trained interpreter is that the service provider can be legally liable for any negative consequence resulting from incompetent interpretation. This video from Catholic Charities shows the difference between a trained and an untrained interpreter. For on-site coverage, we serve much of the Central Savannah River Area centered around Augusta, GA (Aiken and Edgefield counties in SC and Columbia, Richmond, and Burke counties in GA), as well as much of the Greenville, SC, to Asheville, NC, corridor (Greenville and Pickens counties in SC and Henderson and Transylvania counties in NC). For medical interpretation, a minimum 2 hours charge and mileage typically applies. For legal and business interpretation, we typically charge $70/hour, with a 1 hour minimum.


QuintServ Professional also provides English/Spanish translation services, be it for professional or personal needs. Even fluent, native speakers may not entirely understand engineering, business, legal, medical, or other technical terminology. Industries in the consumer products and marketing fields likewise have their own way of communicating product information to actual or potential clients. Brands, especially, evoke thoughts, impressions, emotions, and assumptions about products or services that can lead to motivation, engagement, sales, and loyalty. As perceptions can vary from market to market, each target audience may need to be approached differently. Similarly, public agencies such as school systems or law enforcement agencies may need to pay special attention to shades of meaning that an untrained translator may not catch. Charges vary with the nature of the assignment. Contact us to discuss your needs.

For details on any of the above, email us at info@QuintServ.com

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