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Leadership training, consulting & coaching

We offer three types of services under our leadership & strategy training rubric:
✓ Life and executive coaching
✓ Business leaders' strategy training
✓ Career-skills assessment, development, and leadership training

Life and executive coaching

Coaching has come of age. Just as athletes employ personal trainers and coaches, so should you. The analogy to athletes and our physical bodies carries quite far: When we are physically ill, we go and see a medical doctor; when we feel mentally distressed, we go and see a psychologist or counselor. Similarly, when we want to reach our potential, we should consult with a life or executive coach. Lack of know-how or fear of the unknown often hinder us to explore and to advance. Not fulfilling your potential is a waste, however, and that's where coaching come in. A coach helps you formulate and then rise up to and achieve your personal and professional aspirations.

Contact us to arrange for a tightly stripted 15-minute-long free consultation to start the process. If you feel inspired, QuintServ Professional offers what we call a "1-4" package. The "1" stands for a one-hour-long start-off session. The "4" stands for four one-hour-long follow-through sessions, each with a specific focus. The sessions are integrated into a complete loop and do not overlap each other in content. Customers have told us that the first session alone already has changed their lives, and you can stop there if you wish. But it is literally just the beginning of the five session loop to tune up your life to go from "normal" to "full." Sessions can be in person or over internet video calls.

Business leaders' strategy training

QuintServ Professional provides advanced corporate and university-based business strategy training, both in the United States and abroad, using sophisticated simulation software and cutting-edge business cases. Our course, Creating Value through Effective Strategic Management, delivers three key participant outcomes:

1. Learn to view business from the chief executive's point of view: Forward-looking, long-range, and integrative across functional areas. Conceptual learning, analytical skills building, and hands-on exercises lead participants to understand and leverage the power of clear strategy and strategy implementation.

2. Learn how business creates and increases value for shareholders, employees, suppliers, distributors, customers, and the communities in which they live. To build value, participants analyze and assess a firm's internal and external environment through concept development, case study analysis, and an applied competitive strategy simulation.

3. Learn to develop a broad set of business skills and perspectives: Participants develop analytical, critical thinking, and decision making skills in the sessions. They meet and work with leaders from other companies and industries to broaden their perspectives when solving problems and exploiting opportunities.

The facilitators include Dr. J. Brauer (Ph.D., Economics, University of Notre Dame) and Dr. A. Robinson (Ph.D., Strategic Management, University of Alabama). Both are experienced business school professors and consulting professionals. Dr. Robinson brings value-creating expertise in the areas of strategic management, marketing, and entrepreneurship. His over fifteen years in operations management and consulting complement his considerable board service experiences. Additionally, he has taken several organizations through strategic planning board retreats. His extensive travels in Europe and Asia provide for a thoroughly global perspective when approaching strategic issues. Dr. Brauer brings economic and financial expertise to business strategy. He has extensive academic, public sector, and NGO board and consulting experience as well as business experience in the leisure and publishing industries. A native of Berlin, Germany, he has traveled in over 50 countries and has held visiting professorships in Australia, Colombia, South Africa, Spain, and Thailand.

Career-skills assessment, development, and leadership training

Career motivations change over one’s lifetime. For example, at one stage in life you may prefer workplace autonomy over workplace variety or financial security. At other times, variety or finances may become more important to you. In contrast, firm psychological evidence shows that career interests are formed relatively early in life and then rarely change. Thus, the identification of career interests is paramount. Career skills are learned and need constant updating over the duration of one's work-life. Importantly, skills can be learned to match the requirements of one's interests! For instance, if you are interested in a career requiring the confident projection of leadership authority, you can learn this skill, just as you can learn technical, computing, academic, or public speaking skills.

Career interests include, e.g., quantitative analysis; managing people and teams; setting business strategy; handling overall enterprise control; technology application; influencing others.
Career motivations include, e.g., workplace autonomy; intellectual challenges at work; work variety; financial gain and/or prestige of the work position and company).
Career skills include, e.g., interpersonal skills such as empathy, respect for others, and self-control; power and influence skills such as oral communication, leadership confidence, and motivational ability; analysis and decision-making skills such as critical thinking, comfort with risk, and decisiveness; and workplace skills such as persistence, time management, and work delegation skills.

QuintServ Professional assesses your current skill strengths and deficiencies to helps you leverage your strengths and to improve upon your deficiencies.

For details on any of the above, email us at info@QuintServ.com

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